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2014 Orthoimagery Now Available

Feb 6

Written by:
2/6/2015 2:00 PM  RssIcon

We are pleased to announce that the orthoimagery collected in 2014 for the northern Piedmont section of North Carolina is now available online from the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal. As in previous years, this imagery is available as a web service and via download. The orthoimagery is true color imagery and has a pixel resolution of 6 inches. This means you can zoom in to a scale of about 1:575 before the imagery starts to lose clarity. In order to conserve disk space we compressed the raw imagery during processing. Visually you can't tell the difference. However, image analysis (using the actual pixel values) is discouraged. 

FedEx plane Appalachian State football field


Imagery in Web Services - You access your music online, why not your imagery?
Who doesn't love the convenience of listening to your favorite music from services like Pandora, Amazon, or iTunes? All the pleasure, none of the hassle. Why not do the same with your imagery? One of the biggest advantages of using the web service is that once you set up the initial connection, you have access to the imagery each and every time you need it. And if you connect to our Orthoimagery_Latest or Orthoimagery_Latest_cached services, you can be assured of always viewing the most recent imagery we have for any location in the state. No need to go through the process of downloading and storing imagery on a project by project basis. 

There is a lot of good information about how to use the imagery available from NC OneMap on our FAQ page. We also have tutorial videos on the home page of the Geoportal that show how to configure connections to our web services using GIS (e.g., ArcGIS, QGIS, Gaia) and CAD (e.g., Autodesk, Carlson, Microstation) software. It's definitely worth a few minutes of your time to take a look at these resources. One of the most important things to realize is that this imagery is contained in several different web services. Which one should you use? Read the descriptions below to find out:

  • Orthoimagery_Latest: An image service showing the latest imagery available for any given location in NC (including 2014). This is the most versatile service (supports hundreds of map projections) and is a seamless statewide coverage.
  • Orthoimagery_Latest_cached: An image service that shows the same imagery as "Orthoimagery_Latest." However this image service is cached for improved performance. Zoom levels are pre-defined and is limited to the "web mercator" projection. Best used when building custom web applications. Overlays correctly with other common web maps from Bing, Google, and Esri.
  • Orthoimagery_All: All the imagery collections (1996-2014) in one image service. This service is time-enabled which allows for viewing changes for an area over time. However, there is a huge data set. The tradeoff of being able to view all of it in one service is that the performance is a bit slower than the other services due to the huge number of individual images.
  • Orthoimagery_2014: Imagery for the 26 northern Piedmont counties of North Carolina (coverage map)
  • Ortho_boundaries: A map service showing the coverage extents for all collections of imagery.

Downloading Imagery - Grab N' Go
Although there are many advantages to using the services (we encourage you to use this method whenever feasible), we realize that there are cases where you may prefer to download it. If this is the case then visit the "download imagery" page on the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal. Please keep in mind that we restrict you to about 72 square miles per download (80 tiles) due to bandwidth concerns. This area represents about half the size of major cities in North Carolina. If you need larger areas of imagery then you can contact us to arrange a data transfer (hint: you're going to need to send us a hard drive). The 2014 imagery is produced as part of the ongoing NC Orthoimagery Program.

Imagery collection is already underway for 2015 and is expected to be online this time next year. As always, we welcome any comments you may have and are happy to answer any questions. Just shoot us an email.

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